Jayco-Alula: Limited edition livery for the Tour

At the Grand Départ in Florence, the famous Australian WorldTour team will unveil its new jersey, a limited edition produced by Alé. The colours of the new jersey are inspired by the art, craftsmanship and nature of the landscapes of AlUla in Saudi Arabia

Alé, a proud partner of the team for several years, has created this unique kit, consisting of a jersey and shorts, whose colours and graphics are inspired by the art, culture and nature that characterise the beautiful landscapes of AlUla, the famous city in Saudi Arabia.

The new kit is a limited edition uniform and is part of Alé's PR.S line, whose fabrics, fit and cuts have been specially designed by the Verona-based brand to support professional cyclists in their performance goals. Based on the colours green and orange, the patterning of the new kit is inspired by the iconic landscape of AlUla, its ancient rock formations and famous rock carvings, as well as more recent points of interest, such as the Maraya Hall. These references are complemented by references to AlUla's rich tradition of craftsmanship and design aesthetics.

Alessia Piccolo, Managing Director of APG, the company to which Alé belongs, commented: "An unusual and inspiring design characterises this new kit that will be worn during the world's most famous stage race. It is a tribute to the Arab city and its culture. We are delighted to have participated in this project and wish the men's and women's teams the best success in the race'.

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