Cycling is not just a profession, it is our passion. We know that legs or hands are not enough: above all, the heart is needed. This is why we interpret our work with the spirit with which you tackle a climb. Every difficulty pushes us to give our best, to win together.


Our race began more than thirty years ago. The experience of APG Cycling, of those who have known the road for some time, is combined with the courage and irreverence of the young riders who want to get out of the group. We are on the run but we do not look back: we always look forward


Choosing fabrics and knowing how to combine and sew them with care is one of the arts that our technicians know best. Guaranteeing maximum performance and giving the cyclist the best sensations even in the most difficult weather conditions is the goal we set ourselves.


Research needs guinea pigs. Ours are very special: they are the professional cyclists we have been collaborating with for years. No one like them can give us indications and suggestions on the products to be developed. They pull us in the sprint and help us reach increasingly important goals.


Our race began more than thirty years ago. After a long time making performance cycling apparel, Alé used technology, experience and passion to launch its own brand in 2013. At the heart of Alé is a maniacal, all-Italian craftsmanship, combined with constant innovation in the production process, materials and designs.


Wanting to bring something fresh and new to cycling, Alé came up with a neon look that is now known worldwide. Since then, the cycling apparel company continues to offer an ever-changing range of vibrant designs for both professionals and amateurs, knowing that visible colours are also synonymous with safety on the road.

Our R&D lab continuously studies materials and innovative solutions, processing the insights and input of designers and professionals. The choice of fabrics is fundamental to guarantee the cyclist the best performance and maximum comfort. Breathability, wind tunnel tests, and comparisons with professional cyclists are the basis of our work, as is the great attention paid to the fit of the garments and the care taken in making the pads.

Alé also offers a service of excellence for amateur teams that want to customise their uniforms, accompanying them at every stage of production, from graphic design to size testing and delivery. Every step takes place in Italy. Thanks to the feedback from the professional cyclists we work with, we have developed the PR-S and PR-R lines, allowing all types of amateurs to benefit from the same technologies and innovations.


Alé also has a feminine soul and knows how important it is to offer women technical, comfortable garments with a specially designed fit and unique style.The love for women's cycling led to the birth in 2011 of the Alé BTC Ljubljana women's team, which in 2020 became the first Italian team to join the UCI World Tour.


Alé is colour, it's dynamism, it's the right choice to express your most creative, fun and demanding side. It's that healthy madness that doesn't let itself be held back by the rules and wants to break the mould. Like the great champion Eddy Merckx, who pushed himself to the limits of what was possible and managed to distinguish himself and obtain the title of Cannibal, "eating" all the cyclists he met along the way.


The Granfondo Alé la Merckx is an opportunity to express and share one's passion for cycling: thousands of cyclists gather among the beauties of Verona, pedalling through its Gothic architecture and green hills.

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But Verona is not only the city of the granfondo, it is also the birthplace of the brand. The headquarters with the related production is located 30 km south of Verona, where the best Italian tailoring meets quality materials, to create performing garments even in the most difficult cycling situations.