Introducing the new Jayco Alula 2023 Kit

New year, new name, and a new kit design for 2023 at Team Jayco Alula. An elegant kit signed by Alé Cycling for the coming season.

For the second year running, Alé is signing the jerseys of the Jayco Alula Team, and for the occasion, Matteo Sobrero (winner of the final time trial in Verona in the last Giro d'Italia) and multiple medallist newcomer to Jayco, Letizia Paternoster, lent their faces.

The two Italian talents spent a day at the Alé headquarters, just outside Verona, to see the process of how the team's sportswear is made before being delivered to the athletes. In terms of the colours chosen, the men's design features dynamic blue tones representing the sponsor's main colours, with a white upper body and shoulder area to ensure greater visibility in the peloton. The women's design also echoes classic blue tones, incorporating the key colours of the Liv bike brand through subtle hints of aubergine. With the shoulders and arms also white, the two team kits complement each other to offer a sleek and sophisticated look in 2023.

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