A unique item of clothing, made specifically for time trials, with highly aerodynamic fabric solutions, especially on sleeves, shoulders and hips.

Alé’s constant research on cuts, fabrics and the most ergonomic and aerodynamic solutions for the many professional teams who choose the brands has led to a new outstanding result: the Space Jet skinsuit. It’s a truly unique product, specifically designed by Alé for time trials. And now it has been adopted by the World Tour Bahrain Victorious team for the Tour de France.

It is made of three different materials, located in strategic positions to optimise their various functions. The front vest and the printed parts are made of Alé’s Four Way Stretch technical fabric, which offers great multidirectional flexibility. Through the compression of its extremely compact fibres, the fabric helps delay muscle fatigue, preventing the small shocks caused to the leg muscles both by the road surface and by athletic sprints. Perfect for helping you recover from small muscle strains, by saving more energy.

Finally, the sleeves, shoulders and hips display the revolutionary Space Jet. This is a bi-elastic shuttle fabric characterised by an unmistakable three-dimensional structure, located precisely at the delamination points of the airflow. Its rough surface, with different heights and weaves, correctly and effectively manages the drag: by creating turbulence in the airflow, it delays its point of delamination. The broken air flow thus remains for longer around the body, reducing the vortex effect behind the cyclist, which is what truly causes friction.

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