The national road champion, freshly awarded the title, visited the Alé factory today and collected his special Alé Italian Champion jersey from the hands of CEO Alessia Piccolo.

Filippo Zana, who became national road cycling champion on 26 June in the 237-km test from Castellaneta Marina (TA) to Alberobello (BA), visited the Alé factory in Bonferraro this morning. Filippo was accompanied by his girlfriend Francesca and the managers of his team, Bardiani CSF Faizané, Roberto and Bruno Reverberi.
The most important moment of the meeting took place with the official handover of the Bardiani Italian Champion jersey by APG CEO Alessia Piccolo.

This was the champion's emotional comment as he collected the garment: 'I had asked for a jersey as beautiful as Sonny's, but perhaps this one is even more so, with the white side band to recall the flag. The tricolour as per tradition: beautiful, obvious, large, recognisable in the peloton. I, like many fans I think, have never liked jerseys where the tricolour was sacrificed by the team colours, and I am happy that my team and Alè Cycling have accommodated me. Wearing the tricolour is a great responsibility and I will strive to honour it in every race. My debut in the new jersey? It will most likely be in August in the Czech Republic, where I already won last year. Winning with the tricolour on is my next big goal."

The garment designed for Filippo Zana is 100% Made in Italy
and respects tradition in its design. The colours of our flag are clearly visible and will certainly distinguish Filippo in the midst of the group. The only quirk is the white side stripe, while the shorts on a black base give the right elegance and neutrality. Filippo Zana's tricolour jersey is made from the Alé PR-S, (Pro Racing System) line, born of the close collaboration and synergy with the professional teams with which the Alé brand collaborates.

It represents the ultimate in cycling textile technology, with great attention paid to aerodynamics, ventilation, fit and comfort. Alessia Piccolo, CEO of APG: "It was a pleasure to welcome Filippo Zana to the company today. It is always exciting to see 'our' guys win and it is even more so when - like David against Goliath - it is the small teams that win. Our graphic designers and the production department immediately worked on Filippo's jersey, which in agreement with the Bardiani team has graphics that respect tradition; we want the tricolour to be clearly visible and recognisable in the middle of the group... just like Alé's style".

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