Alé starred in the Ironman Europe held in Klagenfurt, Austria. Mathias Petersen of the PPR Team won with our skinsuit.

Mathias Petersen of the PPR Team won the prestigious Ironman in Klagenfurt, Austria, with a time of 07:56:39, after a hard-fought race to the last. With about 17 km to go, Petersen secured victory, with Wurf sitting comfortably in second place.

After a marathon time of 2:45, Petersen broke the tape, almost six minutes behind Wurf in second place.A historic victory for the Danish athlete and the PPR Team, of which Alé is proud as an official partner to have contributed to this success thanks to the super technical skinsuit used by Petersen:
It's a unique product, designed by Alé specifically for races against the clock.

A unique garment, made specifically for time trials, with highly aerodynamic textile solutions. It is made from three different materials, cleverly positioned to optimise its different functions. Front of the body and sleeves in AIR SPACE fabric This is a shuttle fabric, bi-elastic, characterised by an unmistakable three-dimensional structure, positioned precisely at the points of delamination of the airflow.

The back panel of the corset in DRY SUPERSOFT super-light fabric with UPF50+ protection factor is a stretch shuttle fabric, with a very high technological differential, ultra-light and thin. It guarantees high elasticity, breathability and quick drying, with the pleasant effect of being wrapped in a second skin, especially in the warmer months. The SUPER DRY TECH trousers have an innovative fabric that allows the garment to dry quickly, improving performance and making transitions much easier.

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