And there are three! Yes, from today there are precisely three men's WorldTour teams that Alé sponsors and provides this year: a first, considering that no world brand in circulation today collaborates with more than two men's Serie A cycling teams.

All-Italian quality and technicality

After team Movistar and Groupama FDJ, Alé, the Veronese cycling clothing brand - which we remember boasts a 100% Italian production of the highest technicality and quality - takes over from the previous supplier of the Bahrain Victorius team starting today 1 May, becoming a de facto partner and technical sponsor until the end of the season. The Bahrain Victorious team from today “dresses” Alé, and the collection made available to Landa, Pello Bilbao, Colbrelli, Capecchi, Milan and teammates is the tried and tested PR.S. The graphics of the jersey on the other hand - manufacturer's logo obviously apart - has not undergone substantial changes, and this in consideration of this change "in the running" in mid-season: a rather unusual situation in the world of professional racing.

The reliability of the PR.S

Directly derived from the very close collaboration with some of the best top teams on the world cycling circuit, the PR.S line by Alé represents in all respects a concentrate of style and high performance at maximum power: a synthesis of the highest level of research and technical solutions developed by the same brand in all these years of activity in the competitive sector. Special attention was paid by Alé technicians to the "racing fit" of this clothing line. In fact, very, very in-depth studies have been carried out on the different positions adopted by cyclists during racing with the aim of obtaining a garment that aims to improve speed (the lever is that of aerodynamics ...) without sacrificing comfort, a this latter element is necessary and essential for those who ride a bicycle. The result? It is easy to say, that is to say the obtaining of garments that can be defined without half measures a "second skin", with cuts reduced to a minimum and with flat seams that envelop the body through an anatomical and aerodynamic fit of extraordinary workmanship. Furthermore, thanks to Alé's “Body Mapping”, the strategic positioning of the fabrics used in the different areas of the body is chosen on the basis of specific ventilation, transpiration and protection needs. In addition to the PR.S kit, the Bahrain Victorious team will also use protective garments (shells, jackets, accessories) from the Klimatik® line: Alé's flagship collection: a technical concentrate of breathable, waterproof and comfortable fabrics. Ideal for never being caught unprepared on cold and maybe even rainy days.

«I am really very happy to be able to announce today this agreement with the Bahrain Victorious team - declared Alessia Piccolo, CEO of Apg srl, the company to which the Alé brand refers - the third men's World Tour team that this year has the possibility to wear our ultra-technical garments. This partnership represents a great deal to us and allows us to close an important circle in our communication and sponsorship activities. In addition to Movistar, Groupama FDJ and Bahrain Victorious in the men's WorldTour, Alé is also a partner of two women's World Tour teams, the same Movistar and the home team Alé BTC Ljubljana, without forgetting the Bardiani CSF Faizanè, the jerseys of the ranking leaders of the Giro Enel Under 23, the European Cycling Union (UEC) and the French Cycling Federation that last year, with Julian Alaphilippe, gave us the wonderful satisfaction of winning a World Championship in Italy ».

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